Poetry of Alexander Korotko in translating into English sounded in Ireland
29 April 2019
Famous and aspiring poets, as well as lovers of poetry at the World Book Festival in Cork (Ireland) on Saturday, April 27, where the poets Anatoly Kudryavitsky and John W. Sexton (one of the organizers), read their own poems and others in translation , as part of the festival. Shortly before the event Anatoly Kudryavitsky translated the surreal poetry of Alexander Korotko into English and contributed to its publication in a separate book. Selected poems by the poet in Anatoly Kudryavitsky’s translations were heard at one of the world’s well-known literary events. Such readings are a traditional part of the World Book Festival, held this year, 2019, in Cork. Alexander Korotko’s poems with translations by Anatoly Kudryavitsky from the new book “Irrazionalismo” published in Ireland are posted on the site home page of the site.