Publication in the MC of four essays
29 December 2016
In the last, 22nd issue of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets in Ukraine, the twentieth page under the heading Bookshelf was published four new essays by Alexander Korotko, dedicated to Alexander Pushkin, Peter Chaadayev, Nikolai Gogol, Vladimir Mayakovsky. Literary etudes – so the genre of these works is indicated in the opening speech, and the entire publication has the title: “Eternity’s live voices”. The newspaper recalls that Alexander Korotko’s books were published in many countries, there is an audio album “Along the Silence,” where his poems “unrepeatably and perceptively” are played by People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Jursky, and also announces a new book by the writer, which is still in the draft. All materials of the publication in the “MK” are available on the website page Essay.