Publication of an article by Dmitry Drozdovsky in the periodical “Ukrainska literaturna hazeta” (“Ukrainian Literary Newspaper”)
25 October 2019
Dmitry Igorevich Drozdovsky is a candidate of philological sciences, a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, a researcher at the Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature, and also a literary critic and translator. Alexander Korotko is pleased to work closely with this young, talented literary critic and writer. His essays on two examples of Alexander Korotko’s flash fiction and long read – “The Son” and “The Moon Boy” – are modern and very convincing. There is no complementary relationship between them, but, on the contrary, there is a deep professional analysis of the works in the context of not only the Russian and Ukrainian cultural traditions, but the European tradition too. Creativity is an extremely delicate thing, and Alexander Korotko’s work is quite distinctive.  He is different from his fellow writers, he doesn’t participate in writer’s “hangouts”, he is focused on himself, immersed in himself — and this is his strength. Dmitry Drozdovsky in his articles speaks of a “new existentialism” of Korotko as a direction in which two completely different prose works have settled and exist. But Alexander Korotko is a poet, and his multi-genre poetry is still waiting for a modern critical perspective, which will be a continuation of what was said about lyrical “quiet creations”, philosophical poems and pamphlets in the last century and at the beginning of the new by Pavlo Zagrebelny, Andrei Bitov, Andrei Voznesensky and many others. Dmitry Drozdovsky published his critical article “New Existentialism in the tale “Moon Boy” by Alexander KOROTKO” in the Reviews section of “Ukrainska literaturna hazeta” (“Ukrainian Literary Newspaper”) . The article can be read on the website at the links: (original) (in the Russian translation by Yuliya Dvoretskaya)