Publications on the birthday of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol
30 November 2016
On March 31, on the birthday of one of the most revered but unsolved writers of the not-so-distant past, Alexander Korotko published on his Facebook page the poem “Gogol” and a new video based on an essay on Nikolai Gogol’s main book “Dead Souls “. Alexander Korotko, analyzing the work of Gogol, does not separate the idea from the language – both of them are innovative, metaphorical – poetic in their basis. And who, if not the poet, is given to see, understand and appreciate precisely this gift of Gogol. And the writer himself called “Dead Souls” a poem. The essay “The Poem about the Russian Soul”, talented read by Oleg Shkolnik, is accompanied by fragments of Mikhail Schweitzer’s film “The Dead Souls” and the music of Alfred Schnittke. The video is posted on the personal page of Alexander Korotko’s YouTube portal, as well as on the website, the poem “Gogol” can also be read in the section of the site “Creativity / poetry.”