“Reflections” by Dmitry Drozdovsky
8 December 2019
Dmitry Drozdovsky joined all those who praised the poem “Towards the Dawn”, which was released 11 years ago, which stood out separately in Alexander Korotko’s work, with a new critical article, “Reflections”. Rather, even an essay, because the writing is not only accurate and subtle professional analysis, but it is emotionally colored, “lively”. By posting on his Facebook page, Alexander gratefully wrote: “Not often in my life I was shocked by the words spoken about my poetry. I recall the introduction of the patriarch of Ukrainian literature, Pavel Arkhipovich Zagrebelny to the book “Bleached Dreams”. And a few days ago, I felt similar emotions, reading an essay by the man of the pen and scientist Dmitry Drozdovsky about my poem “Towards the Dawn”, written more than ten years ago. It is incredible how powerful and accurate he was able to decrypt the genetic code of our Soviet past through the meanings and images of this work. I propose to read Dmitry Drozdovsky’s essay and enjoy not only the author’s style, but also the breadth of his erudition and deep philosophical thinking”. Dmitry Drozdovsky’s essay has been translated from Ukrainian into Russian and English and is available on all three versions of the site (the Critic’s page), so we recommend you to follow the advice of the poem’s author: