Replenishment of the blog: publication of poems and essays about war and peace
28 December 2016
On the life of almost all generations undulating wave of times, when the usual way of life and rhythm of life collapses, followed by fear, confusion, devastation. In such troubled days, only a word can help a person. Alexander Korotko in his civic poetry and essay is honest not only to himself, but also to his readers, whoever they are. The selection of his works of the last one and a half – two years is not so much to the mind as to the soul of a man. Verses and prose about the war are absolutely devoid of descriptiveness, they are not ideologized and not straightforward. Philosophical reflections are based on personal experience, incredible nudity and sincerity of feelings, optimism and faith in good. The real literature, especially those samples that touch on the most pressing topics of today’s day, always fulfills its mission, including the assistance mission to the near and far: “There is no climb without descent. To rise above ourselves, over our weaknesses, we must fall, what we are now doing successfully. After the fall there will always be an upswing, it will certainly be … ” Read the publication on the May page of the author’s blog by Alexander Korotko “Life exists while there is a mystery”.