Review of the Italian edition of the book “Moon Boy”
17 March 2021
The Ukrainian magazine “Vsesvit” (No. 1-2, 2021) published a review of Alexander Korotko book, published in Italy “The Moon Boy” translated by Annarita Tavani: “The Moon Boy”(“Ragazzo di Luna”) of Alexander Korotko in Italian: synergy of images through the reflection of language techniques ”. The author of the review, head of the Italian Philology Department of Mariupol State University, Anna Trifonova, wrote a review of the exactly Italian edition, with numerous citations (using a comparative analysis), in accordance with her professional affiliation. However, focusing on the peculiarities of the translation, Anna Trifonova notes the strengths of the author’s text: “The language of Alexander Korotko’s work combines the standard and the non-standard: the conversational style with its simple lexical and syntactic maneuvers and aesthetic, detailed through the prism of internal perception, original artistic constructions”…A review of the publication in the journal “Vsesvit” may be read here.