Sergei Yursky performs poetry of Alexander Korotko
28 March 2017
At the beginning of the two thousandths appeared the audio album “Along the Silence” with the studio recording of verses by Alexander Korotko, performed by Sergei Yursky. This is an early poetry, which today, a quarter of a century later, is perceived as mature. The best poems of that time always sound in the author’s performance on his creative evenings, they have entered poetical collections, in a word, they are checked by time. “As from a nest, I fell out of time …”, “The city of red brides …”, “Clouds, who called you? ..” and these lines, and many others, those who are well acquainted with the poet’s work, Long ago “was pulled apart to quote.” Unfortunately, in our time the audio format has given way to video, so the best lyrics from the Korotko-Yursky album were turned into small clips. And now a dozen samples of visual poetry filled the author’s site and his playlist on the YouTube portal. Performance of each poem is accompanied by classical music and video series – the work of the most famous in the world of black and white photography masters. Evaluate this exquisite project, which is an intellectual creative product of a company of like-minded people headed by the author.