Ten days in Europe
23 June 2018
In early June, Alexander Korotko’s creative trip to Paris, Brussels and the south of France was eventful. On June 7, the poet’s creative evening was held in the large bookstore of the L’Harmattan publishing house (Paris). June 11 – a book signing session planned at the beginning of 2018 on L’Harmattan publishing house stand at the annual Paris Book Fair. On June 12, already in Belgium, a meeting was held with the Director of the European Center for Art Translation, Professor Francoise Wilmar, at which they agreed on specific joint projects. This was followed by an hour-long conversation with the Executive Secretary of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium, Jacques De Decker, at his residence (Prince of Orange Palace). Later, Alexander Korotko attended a meeting of the Belgian PEN club, into which he was accepted as an honorary member on De Ducker’s recommendation followed by a short poetry reading.  At the end of the day, in a relaxed atmosphere at dinner in an Italian restaurant (hosted by Jacques De Decker) , they continued their conversation about literature, art, and new literary projects. On June 15 back in France, Antibes, and the south of France: a reception at Grasse City Hall, a meeting with the Secretary General of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature, Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honour, Nicole Lemer d’Agaggio, whom he met in January this year. It is planned to post a photo report and a more detailed story about these events on the site in the near future.