The authoritative Ukrainian edition “Vsesvit” published the news about Aleksandr Korotko’s admission to English PEN
Журнал Всесвіт
14 July 2022

“Vsesvit” is the only Ukrainian periodical that publishes exclusive translations of world classics and works of modern literature, highlights various aspects of cultural, artistic, social and political life all over the world.

Immediately after it became known that Aleksandr Korotko became an honorary member of the British PEN club – English PEN, the editor-in-chief and long-time friend and supporter of Korotko’s work, Dmytro Drozdovsky congratulated the author on his success in a private correspondence. And the next day, the magazine “Vsesvit” published the news about Korotko’s admission to English PEN on its online portal.

The link to the publication of the news in the edition is placed below: