The blog Arts and poetry by Aleksander Korotko invites you
28 December 2016
The literary blog of Alexander Korotko opens the publication of selected poems of the Crimean cycle, written in different years. The selection is preceded by the author’s introduction, which is also a poetic work despite the presentation role assigned to this text.   The poems bear specific names for the places that gave rise to the Crimean cycle: Theodosius, Koktebel, White Rock, Gurzuf … Geography is supplemented by Voloshin’s “genius of place” from the poem of the same name, where the poet refers to the poet: Uncrowned life has happened, and the echoes of future events are already calling for Your house is a relic, Voloshin.   The poem of the cycle, with a few exceptions, is accompanied by the works of photo artist Yuri Gladky.   Link to the blog.