The Book
3 March 2017
A collection of miniatures by Alexander Korotko aroused special interest among readers. The genre of single-line works occupied one of the central places in the author’s work due to the opportunity to address a wide variety of topics – their range is unlimited. Miniatures make readers think, try to unravel the author’s design, enjoy metaphors and other techniques, because all this is real literature. One of the sincere and profound (despite the brevity) of the statements about this book is placed on the page Reviews. It belongs to Lyudmila Brendak, with whom Alexander Korotko has recently cooperated. The publishing house SUMMIT-BOOK is preparing to release a collection of bilingual, in which selected poems Lyudmila translated into Ukrainian. And the book “The Future Returned to the Past” continues to cause the intellectual readers to thank the author of these small in form and large in thought lines.