The editing of the translation of the poem “Joseph and Jacob”
18 June 2020
The planned work began on editing the translation into English of Alexander Korotko’s poem “Joseph and Jacob”, which relates to the vast topic of the history of the Jewish people. Working on this conceptual creation, the author strictly followed the Torah. He considered it necessary to translate his work into English and turned to Michael Pursglove, whom he considers one of the strongest specialists in Europe and with whom he has been successfully cooperating recently.After completing the translation, Michael Pursglove called this creation “fundamental” and “Pushkin’s scope”. Both of them are not just compliments, but a review of a professional translator, an expert on Russian literature.As always, Alexander Korotko is attentive to each translated line. His deep conviction: the translation should accurately reflect the author’s intention and be lexically and stylistically impeccable. Michael Pursglove is grateful to the author for a reverent attitude to the text, he had never before worked in such close contact with modern poets and considers almost all comments and clarifications made by Korotko to be fair.On the Home page in today’s traditional publication there is the original of two chapters from a poem with translations of Michael Pursglove.