The essay
19 October 2017
The literary and musical evening “The Silver Age of Belgian Poetry” was on October 18 at the Kiev Kneipp Club Kupidon. Literature, scholars, publishers, students-philologists, employees of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Ukraine welcomed the guest – a famous scientist, researcher of Belgian symbolism, Professor of the University of Mons and Schumann High School in Brussels Mr. Luc Kanott, whose visit to Kiev and performance is associated with the 145th the anniversary of the Nobel laureate Maurice Maeterlinck. The leading the evening was laureate of the Federation of Wallonia – Brussels Award in the field of artistic translation, assistant professor of Kyiv T. Shevchenko National University Dmitry Chistiak. The outstanding Ukrainian composer Vladimir Guba, supplementing the speeches of literary critics, poets and publishers, decorated the intellectual and highly intelligent atmosphere of the evening with vocal frescoes. Among the invited was Alexander Korotko, who read his poetic essay “Maeterlinck”, which was highly appreciated not only by specialists, but also by all present. Read the essay “Maeterlinck”, following the link: