The final of the poem “Embankment of the Dreams”
27 August 2020
We list the large poetic canvases of Alexander Korotko: “Abraham and Isaak”, “Joseph and Jakob”, “Jerusalem”, “Venice”, “Paris”, “Bakhchisarai”, “Beloved by the Sun”, “Towards the Dawn”, “Stus”. The tenth poem “Embankment of the Dreams”, recently completed, is distinguished by a combination of mystical, surreal – seemingly impossible – with an amazing ease and simplicity of writing, generously filled with metaphorical wealth as always.Each of the chapters – their author called them, as in music, opuses with ordinal numbers – is a mystery for the reader: either a face, or the wrong side of being? Determine the stylistic affiliation, genre, direction (surrealism?) – the parish of specialists in literature, and they will have their say. And for the reader, what’s the difference, it’s not the terminology that matters, but the magic of words, words.This thing, absolutely not similar to the listed series of poems, is deeply intellectual – “the dance of the foreign mind”, in the words of the author himself. We consider the “Embankment of the Dreams” an expensive gift for literary aesthetes. The main page contains two chapters, two opuses from the new poem.