The first publication of the blog in the coming new year – poems, the theme of which is the City
28 December 2016
“The convolutions of someone else’s town …” – a line from a poem written by Alexander Korotko in the 90s of the last century, is headed by a poetic selection, the theme of which was the City. The city as a phenomenon, as a mosaic model of the world picture, as the embodiment of the author’s set of representations – from culturological and philosophical to mystical.   To attention of visitors of a blog six poems of different years are offered. Collected together, they surprisingly transformed the city from the habitat into a landmark phenomenon that has neither a name, nor a binding to the terrain, nor temporary landmarks. However, the topic has developed: almost a virtual city, a complex semantic structure, gave rise to a great poetic cycle of “Cities”, where the poet Korotko talks about his vision of the already real megacities, cities and towns of the New and Old World. In addition, written three poems – “Venice”, “Paris” and “Jerusalem”. The chapters from the poems “Venice” and “Paris” can be read on the site, the poem “Jerusalem” in January and February will be published on the author’s Facebook page, and “The convolutions of someone else’s town …” leads to the blog.