The freshest: new poems appear regularly on the main page of the site
29 June 2017
Alexander Korotko places his new works on the personal page of Facebook, as well as on the main page of the author’s site. Today’s publication is two “summer” poems written in the last days of June. They are distinguished by the expression of feelings and at the same time philosophical tranquility that does not tolerate fuss, an impressionistic attitude to the time surrounding the world, of love, expressed with the help of that particular metaphorical novelty that critics have always noted and celebrated: “Yes, movement. Uncomfortability. Impossibility to remain on the same vertex for a long time is notised in the verses of Alexander Korotko just as clearly as his unique ability, without hesitation for a long time, cast off the stiffened canons and furiously seek new artistic means. Even the question whether it is good or bad. Because it is strong. Because this man has found his truth. ” (Irina Sotnikova) Read the full text here: