“The Literary Ukraine” presents the poemof Alexandr Kortko “STUS”
4 June 2020
“The Literary Ukraine” – this is the oldest Ukrainian periodical literary and artistic publication, which has been regularly published since 1927 and promotes decent quality literature. The issue 13–20 for this year is published selected chapters of the new poem of Alexander Korotko “STUS” translated by Olga Ilchuk. A whole newspaper page is devoted to this event, in the upper part of which are three chapters of the poem: “One Hundred grams of Kolyma”, “Roots”, “Heaven”, as well as some quotes from the letters “To the Son”, which the author used along with fragments of published memoirs and camp diaries of Vasyl Stus himself. In the center of the publication is a portrait of Stus (artist Vladimir Slepchenko). The lower part of the newspaper page is reserved for a critical article by Dmitry Drozdovsky, “The Loneliness of Odyssey”, or Stus as a myth in the poem of A. Korotko”, which was already presented on the site: The newspaper”The Literary Ukraine” in the electronic version of the section «ARS POETICA» also proposed the version of Alexander Korotko publication: There are two parts of the first chapter of the poem “Stus” on the main page of the site.