The main page is updated with two poems
25 March 2018
In the work of Alexander Korotko a lot of works are about the sea element. It is surprising that among the poetic references to this topic there is no landscape descriptiveness – in his poems the author sees in the oceans and seas the animate creatures and communicates to them the qualities peculiar to some higher substance, humanizing it. On the main page in the NEWEST section – two works: “Ocean”, written today, and “Sea” three years ago. They can be compared, pondered the author’s intention, reread these verses, trying to unravel the secret contained in them, characteristic of high poetry. There is another work by Alexander Korotko, close to the two published, which is appropriate to bring to the conclusion: * * * Hello my dear! I write to you in an illegible handwriting of my doubts on the edge of silence, where time is yellowed leaves descends to the sea, the only and defenseless beginning of my love for emptiness. I throw a pebble, as horizon shingle and it already does not slip on the soulless surface, but sinks in the silent fainting of loneliness. Here I am, abandoned in the sea, I go to the bottom, no, I steam, and this flight into the green darkness illuminates my soul with light.