The new poem LIFE – about the diversity and incomprehensibility of life itself.
29 August 2017
Such works as “LIFE”, in the works of poets of all times are rare. We need to live and experience many things – and happy moments, and losses, and creative vicissitudes – and that little is what is encrypted in life and destiny… A new poem by Alexander Korotko is a continuation of his literary work of the last decade, when the form and content of each of the works gained harmony and completeness, and the philosophical constant and high spirituality made them an unconditional phenomenon of modern literature. At the same time, poetry does not at all sink with heavy dry academicism – despite the fact that visual means (metaphors, for example) in a good way “go off scale”, poems are lively, easy, with impressionistic emotional coloring, allusions and own, innovative, allegorical. Fragments of the new thing open the main page and are placed under the heading THE NEWEST, and the full version took its place on the POEM page: