The Odessa cycle in the genre of poetic prose
26 April 2017
Aleksandr Korotko a few years ago began to write a cycle of novels or short stories, the heroes of which are associated with the city of his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood – Odessa. Without changing his aesthetics, the author of many books of poetry and prose remains a poet. His texts with incredibly high concentration shaped, tightly enveloping philosophical core of each piece, characterized surprising ease of writing, even when a cramped techniques. No wonder Andrei Voznesensky at one time called Alexander Korotko an Impressionist. Friendly paints, the aforementioned metaforistichnost mild irony in relation to his characters and plenty of precision parts – all these are intertwined in the author’s imagination, lies down on paper original prose, is absolutely not similar to the Odessa creations of famous predecessors – Sholom Aleichem, Babel, Olesha, Kataeva and many others. “Baer and Cucumber”, “Son”, “Chalikov and Helice”, “Kuna”, “Masya” of the Odessa-cycle take us to Odessa courtyards, in the streets, “all as one leading to the sea,” and most importantly – make it possible to spy moments of the heroes’ life , try to guess the author’s intent behind the unspoken. Work on the cycle continues. Perhaps in the future, readers will meet with the characters, their destinies, in the pages of the book, devoted to a particular point on the literary map – diverse and unique Odessa. In full version or fragmentarily listed works are published on the website: