The poem “Abraham and Isaac” in translation
8 November 2019
In 2007, Alexander Korotko wrote the poem “Abraham and Isaac”, and three years later, the play of the same name. Both pieces were created in accordance with the canons of the Jewish faith. Sacrifice as a test unites the higher and lower worlds, the believer and God, and has a mystical and symbolic meaning. The poem was published in Russian and Hebrew in Israel in 2008, it is preceded by the words of the famous religious leader Abraham Abish Shor: “Alexander Korotko’s poem “Abraham and Isaac ” like no other work, is full of filial love and longing for our forefathers. The poem reminds us of the inviolability of the Union between our forefather Abraham and the Most High, who forever bequeathed to us the Promised Land and who lovingly protects us and future generations in the name of the Great Mission. ” The poem was translated not only into Hebrew, but also into Ukrainian, English and French. On the home page we publish extracts of this poem, that surprises in its literary and poetic quality of work and the power of its impact on the reader, with a parallel translation into Ukrainian by Yulia Dvoretskaya.