The poem Jerusalem is published on the site, facebook and blog
28 December 2016
The poem “Jerusalem” was written by Alexander Korotko at the junction of 2013 and 2014 after visiting Israel. On the news line of the site (31.01.2015) the information about the new poem was already published in connection with its presentation on the facebook personal page. At the end of January, visitors of the site could read on the main page a poem of the same name, written by Alexander Korotko seven years earlier. The beginning of March is marked by the Purim holiday, celebrated in memory of the miraculous salvation of Jews in the Persian kingdom, so today’s publication on the main page of the site is one of the chapters of the poem about the main city on earth, where the word “spirituality” is filled with a particularly high sense. In full volume, the poem “Jerusalem” you may read on the site in Russian and in the translation of Natalia Ohienko to English , and the blog of Alexander Korotko, following to the personal page on Facebook , combined the original and the translation into one publication Иерусалим / Jerusalem.