The poem Koktebel and others, dedicated to Maximilian Voloshin
29 December 2016
May 29 is Maximilian Voloshin’s birthday. By this date, placement of new materials on the site is timed. On the main page – a new edition of the poem by Alexander Korotko beginning of the nineties “Surf at Voloshin’s house …” and the bust of the undisputed master of these places of work of the Crimean sculptor Valery Koltsov, combined with a photo of the beloved poet of Koktebel Bay (both images – photo artist Yury Gladky); And in the “Poems” section a new page appeared The Crimean cycle, where the great poetic canvas “Koktebel” adjoins one more, “geographically” close poem “The Mulberry of the Black Night …”. Voloshin’s house was and remains the cult place of the creative intelligentsia, beginning with the well-known and less familiar names of philosophers of different directions, writers, artists of the Silver Age and ending with those who hear the “Cymmerium of the Blessed Tune” a century later.