The poem “The Embankment of the Dreams” is completed
21 August 2020
The surrealistic thing of Alexander Korotko confirms once again: the poet is subject to any poetic genres – from gentle elegy to epic canvases, inside which mingle and get along philosophical reflections and earthly specifics, lyrics and harsh sarcasm, energetic message and soft irony of the author’s wise view of what is happening here and now and at any time of the past and even the future..As for the new poem – here is the purity of the genre, and there are no barriers to fantasy or reality, the name speaks for itself – “The Embankment of the Dreams”. The author walks through the desert territory between the endless water surface, which goes to the same boundless sky, and the earthly firmament, on which life takes place with its diversity, from the most beautiful to the ugly things.An extremely complicated work – bewitching, mystical, mysterious. The poem-dream. The visual means are light, sometimes weightless. “The Embankment of the Dreams” is resembling a piece of music in design and content, its chapters are marked on the large poetic clavier by opuses: Opus No. 1 … Opus No. 7 … Opus No. 21.On the main page of the site there are two chapters, two poetic opuses. Read and listen – the music of the word sounds.