The poet about the poet – a new poem
25 April 2020
On the main page of the site – the newest things: the two initial chapters of the poem “STUS”, which Alexander Korotko is working on. His thoughts about the tragic fate and powerful poetic word of Vasil Stus Korotko clothed in an epic poetic form, since he considers him a great figure in Ukrainian literature. This is not the first appeal to the talent and works of the writer, not enough appreciated by contemporaries (as it often happens). Alexander Korotko wrote in the recent past the essay “On Two Basil” and later – another one, “One Hundred Grams of Kolyma”: After both essays, there was a desire to continue this topic, but in a different format. So the first poetic texts were born, and the author intends to work on the poem further. On his Facebook page and instagram page, Alexander Korotko posted a video presentation of the chapter of the new poem – the poem “Mamo”, which sounds in the author’s reading. You can watch and listen to this work also on the website: