The professor of Lodz University translated Oleksandr Korotko’s book into Polish
13 August 2023

The translation of Oleksandr Korotko’s book Blackout into Polish has been completed.

Professor Anna Bednarczyk of Lodz University worked on the translation.

Anna Bednarchyk – is a professor of humanities. Currently, she heads the Department of Translation and Didactics at the Institute of Russian Studies at Lodz University. Her interests are focused on translation studies, especially artistic translation. Bednarchyk is the author of more than 150 scientific works, including 10 books on translation and modern literature. Bednarchyk has been engaged in artistic translation for more than 30 years.

Immediately after completing the translation of Korotko’s Blackout, Bednarchyk wrote in a cover letter to the author:

“Oleksandr Shymonovych, I worked around the clock, under great impression. This is amazingly powerful poetry, skilful in artistic terms, filigree in terms of form. I highly appreciated that this is a cultural phenomenon that is timeless.”