The sky, give up! – an essay and a large selection of new poems on the sixth page of the Kiev weekly Gordon Boulevard
28 December 2016
The essay, entitled “Heaven, give up!”, And a dozen poems were published in the last June issue of the famous Kiev weekly Gordon Boulevard and author’s blog of Alexander Korotko. These examples of civic poetry are addressed to those who are not indifferent to the fate of the country, compatriots – both living and dead. The interruption of the epochs, the turn of troubles in hard times, unearthly pain, defenseless life, reminiscences of ashes – these poetic images, filled with verses of the cycle, Not a literary and virtual one, but a real senseless and cruel war of ambition, deceit and lies. Alexander Korotko, like his famous predecessors, has every right, without the slightest hint of pathos, to address in his work to the theme of “poet and citizen.”   Full text of the new collection – on the site page Publications And the last replenishment of the Author’s blog