The St. Petersburg cycle – the July publication of Alexander Korotko’s blog
29 November 2016
The Petersburg cycle replenished the poetic layer, which is large in scope and time, and includes poems “Venice”, “Jerusalem”, “Paris”, poetic cycles “Bakhchisaray”, “Cities”, “Spain”, “Petersburg”, as well as individual works, Where the place of stay is devoid of specifics and is hardly guessed, and even then opening to the initiate: (“The city beggars the melancholy, Sweet jam covered the roofs …”; “In that part of the city where it is always uncomfortable and damp …”; “City of Red brides … “;” Infantile city … “;” The city, no, the seedy town … “;” The convolutions of someone else’s town … “;” Taking the square root of the flocks of migratory birds, imagination finds itself in a half-empty cafe of provincial town in Europe … “)   The poet travels a lot, however his “geographical” verses are far from descriptive, they do not dazzle with names of sights and other names. Any point on the planet, whether it’s a capital or a tiny town not even marked on a map, is only an excuse for conveying the states, sensations, feelings that have arisen here and now with the poetic word: “… The geography of circumstances widens your horizons of disagreement with the feeling of emptiness … “. How often Korotko’s toponymic specifics is just a cultural homage to history, philosophy, art in all its manifestations.   Read the Petersburg poetry cycle “Tsarskoselskoe summer” – the July publication of the author’s blog.