The updated page of the website CRITICIZM – essay of Pavlo Zagrebelny
24 May 2019
As promised, today on the page of the CRITICIZM for the first time there was an essay of Pavel Zagrebelny “Alexander Korotko. Applause of dead hands”, written in 2000 after he received a gift from the author of a poetry collection. Pavel Arkhipovich met Alexander Korotko at his country house in Koncha Ozernaya near Kiev more than once, they talked about much, spoke about literary addictions which mostly coincided (for example, about Baudelaire’s poetry), but with an essay about the collection of poems “Applause of dead hands” an incredible thing happened. Written two decades ago, it opened to Korotko only now. The full text of the essay is published here: Surprisingly, everything that is written by Zagrebelny can be attributed to today’s poetry of Alexander Korotko. It concerns also philosophicality and wisdom of its poetic messages, both richness of language, and innovation of literary receptions. Read the essay of 2000 and verses of the last years – 2018 and 2019, published on the Homepage, and you are surely convinced of it.