“The voiceless summer”, “the tanned summer”, “the summer of time” – all of this is from the poems of Alexander Korotko
27 July 2021

The poet Korotko spends his long-awaited summer vacation on the seaside. But this is not a vacation in the usual sense – with thoughtless lying on the beach, excursions, all sorts of entertainment. For a creative person, the shift from the metropolis to the coast is not only a convenient opportunity to physically relax, but also a source of impressions that will later be embodied in new works. And for Alexander Korotko it is also an opportunity not to leave “for later” a feeling of freshness, novelty, but to create here and now.

He continues the poetic cycle of a fundamentally new poetry, which was started this year in Kiev. This cycle has absorbed all the best from the work of past years, but has acquired a surprisingly simple semantic form for initial perception, but which is concealing limitless possibilities. Each of the chapters of the cycle reveals how the painter’s canvas opens up for the viewer or the composer’s clavier acquires the volume when the music sounds for the listener. Everyone who touches samples of any genre sees and hears his own, individual. But there is an unshakable foundation – these are the thoughts of the author, the vastness of the world of images, energy and much, much more – such a foundation on which the author builds his message to man.

Alexander Korotko, starting to create a new work, always focuses on a non-standard, original, unlike anyone else’s understanding of the basic essence of the future creation – he is its founder. Someone will note in poetry of Korotko philosophical, mathematical accuracy of metaphors, and someone, on the contrary, will consider that the poetry of the cycle is light, airy, and the images are dictated by inspiration, romantic mood. Let the author’s opinion remain a mystery.

e offer three poems for reading. One is of the early work, the second one was written several years ago, and the third is a chapter from a new poetic cycle.


* * *

На второй день

после шторма

обессилевшие волны,

словно караван

верблюдов в пустыне,

покачиваясь в такт

затихающему ветру,

несут на берег


признание горизонта.

Любопытные чайки

и босоногие дети

стоят на паперти

одинокого пляжа

и выпрашивают

подаяние у моря.

К вечеру лунный

свет, разглаживая

морщины на лице

засыпающего зверя,

протаптывает себе

узкую тропинку,

ведущую за горизонт.




Любимое зрелище оливковых рощ –

снежные поросли, которые

превращаются в лилии на горных

озёрах безымянных ночей.

Когда ты проснёшься, в Греции

будет цветение медоносного лета.




В заворожённый час

безадресной любви

на горизонте



встречает ночь


пощёчиною моря.

Всё дышит ожиданьем

чистого греха,

и грезит наяву


обнажённый сон.