The work on translations of poetry continues
26 March 2020
We regularly report on the translation of miniatures, verses, poems of Alexander Korotko into other languages, mainly into English.The largest volume of poetic creations is in work and is translated by Hillary Shears and Michael Pursglove (both poets and both professional translators from England) already.This is a milestone, in Alexander Korotko’s poetry, collection of single-line poems, one-line verses and verses of the usual format “Studio”, and a collection of philosophical avant-garde poetry, and thematic manuscripts (the Jewish theme – “The City of Red Brides”, about repression, the Holocaust, wars – “Mausoleum of Memory” ), the poems “Towards the Dawn” and “The Return from Hell.” Michael Pursglove also undertook the translation of Alexander Korotko’s prose.The best examples of the civic and philosophical poetry, lyrics have been translated … However, today, when the whole world is undergoing incredible tests and mankind has discovered that it is, the world, so fragile and unprotected, it has become clear – the salvation is in the faith, the kindness, the accuracy in utterances, care and attention to oneself, to folks and to the distant people. At the same time, I would like to find the necessary and accurate words of support, including in real poetry.Therefore, two deep and very relevant poems of Alexander Korotko with translations of Hillary Shears are placed on the Home page.