The works of Alexander Korotko in Olga Ilchuk’s translations
1 November 2019
Facebook (and especially poetry posted on the author’s webpages) provides an opportunity to read the most recent, sometimes very recently written works, which makes them energetically strong due. The concerned readers, having fine appreciation of these poetic statements, have a need to respond – either by commentary, or even by translation into another language. That’s what happened with Olga Ilchuk, who has sterling Ukrainian literary language skills, the same happened with Natalya Ogienko, who translated quite a few Alexander Korotko’s poems into English, and Lyudmila Brandak, whose translation into Ukrainian of the book “Intervention of the Sun” was published two years ago. Olga Ilchuk also has experience of translating Korotko’s book “The Future has returned to the Past”, which includes miniatures and also poetry ones. Spouses Olga and Nikolai Ilchuk have known Alexander Korotko’s family for many years, but their warm and friendly relationship has no effect on the quality of literary cooperation. Both the poet and the translators are extremely rigorous about the standard of translation, they discuss the slightest nuances and achieve the desired result.