To Mehmet Ismail’s birthday
3 November 2018
Dear Mehmet! Happy birthday to you, my wonderful, talented friend! I wish you many years, and creative inspiration! We’re not in a hurry, we’ve got an eternity ahead of us.   I translated your poem from Turkish as a gift for you.   Alexander Korotko posted such congratulation to his friend from the literary community on his page of Facebook.   Mehmet Ismail is a poet, Professor in the Department of art and science of the University in Canakkale (Turkey). He is a man with a delicate and tremulous soul, and impeccable literary taste. They met with Alexander Korotko not so long ago in Montenegro, during the poetry festival. You can see a photo report about this event on the website by clicking on the link: The translation of the Mehmet Ismail’s poem, made by Alexander Korotko from the Turkish language (on the substring), is posted on the main page of the site.