Two essays about great artists
5 August 2019

There are two dates between which any human life on earth passes, there are the date of birth and the date of departure. The human memory of the dead (light or dark memory) also depends on what the time of his / her stay in the world of people has been filled. We react by remembering the lives of deceased loved ones in different ways: in thoughts, in prayers, someone lights candles or brings flowers to a monument, and someone drinks a glass of vodka – it all depends on faith, traditions, level of culture, circumstances.

Alexander Korotko mentions by the word, and it is worth a lot. At the end of July 2012, Ukrainian actor Bogdan Stupka died, and in early August 1994 – Russian actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky. One was seventy, the other sixty – nine, and both had died of a heart attack. They left, leaving the most expensive, their families (Bogdan Stupka had two sons and wife Larissa, Innocent Smoktunovsky – son, daughter and wife Sulamif) and, of course, many of their fans and admirers.

The lives of both truly folk artists did not flow quietly, slowly, on the contrary – it was “aortic rupture”, so talented, honest, great was their dedication in any role. Both were endowed with intelligence, dignity, aristocracy. Artists of such a unique gift and opportunities, unfortunately, do not live long, but everything is relative. We will not go into thinking about the dualism of hypocrisy, but simply remember again, thanks to the poetic essays of Alexander Korotko same deep and talented, what were these workers of a theatre stage, of cinemas and numerous performances – Innokenty Mikhailovich Smoktunovsky and Seliverstov Bogdan Stupka, our great contemporaries.

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