Two new poems have added to the page of the site MOST FRESH and have entered the renewed cycle of FUN
7 October 2020

“Fun” – this poetic cycle, perhaps, the most mobile and unlimited in creativity Korotko. Unlike others, thematically integral (for example, “Cities”, “Spain”, others), “Fun” is more free. Verses of this cycle can move, be replaced, take in the neighbors new ones, which suddenly come into being. What unites these poetic “migrants” and how do they differ from other poems? First of all, a special version, fantastic metaphors and mystical depth, in which the author does not sink, but on the contrary – rushes up. This avant-garde poetry does not resemble any of its vast number of predecessors or contemporaries, it does not obey authorities, easily violates the rules of versification, while remaining exemplary poetry, with its music, rhythms, graphics.

On the main page of the site – two new poems that can be safely considered author’s “fun” in this interpretation of the word: “an exciting, unflagging interest.” The cycle itself was significantly updated with new works.