Two poems of Alexander Korotko from the new cycle are represented
3 March 2019
Alexander Korotko continues to work on a new philosophical and at the same time surrealistic cycle of poems, which, thanks to publications on the website and Facebook page, allows us to say that this ultra-modern, complex, concentrated poetry is in demand by the reading public. Despite the elitism, intellectual sophistication of the poems, poetic thought is available and allows the thoughtful reader to penetrate into this fascinating world of images, semantic associations. The poems are rhythmically strictly organized, and the “floating” rhyme is nevertheless rigidly holds the line. Only the author knows how simplicity and complexity coexist within a single poetic text, he skillfully acts in accordance with his own rules of versification. This is not an experiment, not a desire to look original or shocking – this is a new quality of Alexander Korotko’s poetry. Two new poems of the cycle were translated into Ukrainian by Yulia Dvoretskaya and were posted on the main page of the site.