Ukrainian magazine “Vsesvit” responded to the release of the book “The Moon boy” in UK
17 November 2020
 In the very heart of Europe, in the famous London publishing house Europe Books, Alexander Korotko’s book “The Moon Boy” has been published in an excellent translation by Michael Purslove. The work of the employees of this publishing house was so energetic, detailed and verified that Alexander Korotko, the author of more than three dozen publications, for the first time with surprise and pleasure faced the highest professionalism of trendsetters in publishing books, where not just a phrase, a word, but each letter is estimated. In Britain, the website of the publishing house has a page with the book “The Moon Boy”, from where it can be ordered: How much you need to love your work and with what respect you need to treat a writer for a book to become a phenomenon! Book publishing is a high-tech process, but no matter what supernova machines, computer programs, electronic media may appear, readers who do not change the paper book are not extinct. Home libraries continue to grow, bookstores open in the most prestigious locations, and book fairs draw crowds of readers, publishers, booksellers. And here are the salespeople, taking out of the bins  the books for every taste and demandSo, “The Moon Boy”. This is definitely an extraordinary event, and it happened thanks to invisible and caring helpers. A special role belongs to Dmitry Drozdovsky, editor-in-chief of “Vsesvit”, who accompanies almost all of Alexander Korotko’s writing projects, turning cooperation into a real creative friendship between two writers moving in the same direction.