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17 December 2018
A new essay “Purpose” about the work and personality of the modern poet Mehmet Ismail (born in Azerbaijan, lives in Turkey, also recognized in Europe) appeared after Alexander Korotko translated cycle of poems of the master of words, who has a rare gift… What is this gift? It is the soul of a poet. The author of the essay is well aware of his older friend, who recently celebrated his 79th birthday, as to his own poetic creativity could include the words said to Mehmet: amazing philosophy, piercing perception of the world, a unique image system. This shows that real poetry is valued and evaluated not by national color, but by the depth and height of philosophical thought, the richness of the metaphorical system, the understanding of the foundations of the world order and the service to God. The personality of Mehmet Ismail, his human wisdom, hard fate and tremulous soul caused the author of the essay need in a small field of his work to name extremely important definitions of a creative person: “To be a poet is not our merit and is not our choice. The decision is made not in the lower world, but it is made in the mountain heights.” And more “…The great poet is older than his contemporaries.” By posting the essay on his Facebook page, the author was among the first to receive such a review: “Dear friend, ALEXANDER KOROTKO, thank you for your kind words! Only those with great hearts could write so sincerely about friends.” Two poems by Mehmet Ismail in free translation by Alexander Korotko are on the main page of the site. The full text of the essay is available here: