Vasyl Dovzhyk continues to translate the poetry of Alexander Korotko to the Ukrainian language
6 November 2018
Now we have another collection of almost 100 poems that have been translated into Ukrainian by the poet Vasil Dovzhyk. Boris Chip and Ludmila Brendak in different years had been translating rhymed poetry and free verse, which were written by Alexander Korotko, into the Ukrainian language, and more recently Julia Dvorska and Vasyl Dovzhyk are actively working on translations into Ukrainian. Each of them has its own professional approach – creative handwriting, method and style of translation, vocabulary, rhythmic construction of the text, which produces the result of “hiting” or “not hiting” in the author’s aesthetics of each poetic work. The same Alexander Korotko’s poem sounds in translations in different ways, and this is normal. You can see such a variety of approaches if you click on the Ukrainian version of the site, which presents all the translators with whom the author cooperates. Today’s posting on the home page under the heading ИЗБРАННЫЕ СТИХИ/ВИБРАНІ ВІРШІ in Russian and Ukrainian versions of the site – contains two poems of Alexander Korotko in the translations of Vasyl Dovzhyk.