“Vsesvit” magazine: Alexander Korotko’s publication as a laureate of the Great Literary Prize “The Love of Freedom”
30 January 2018
The last issue of the magazine “Vsesvit” for 2017 published a list of laureates of the prestigious award “The Love of Freedom” (“Love of Freedom”) with their publications-presentations and announced the date of January 26, 2018, when the awarding ceremony will take place. This event has already taken place – Alexander Korotko received a great literary award with conferring the title of Academician. Also in the magazine is a literary pamphlet by Jean-Patrick Connrad, President of the European Academy of Sciences, Art and Literature, with a perennial philosophical question about the freedom of the creative personality. “To understand what freedom is … you need to turn to poets … To ask: poets … Tell us in the end why and how to love freedom! The gods send humanity a love of freedom so that the poets can praise new heroes.” Indeed, to whom, if not to poets, it is given to proclaim the freedom that The Highest One offers to everyone who lives on the earth. But not everyone is able to make their choice, and the poet’s high destiny is to help a person to find and not lose this gift. In the “Poetry” section of the magazine “Vsesvit” Alexander Korotko is represented by one of his program poems “Lost in the map of events …” translated into Ukrainian by Boris Chip, and the translation of the same poem into French (Dmitry Chistyak and Nicole Laurent-Katrice) was published in the book of the poet “Red Frog”, published in Paris.