Writer Korotko: productive 2020
31 December 2020
The outgoing year may really be called creatively productive for Alexander Korotko. He worked in the genres of poetry, prose, essays, miniatures. He paid a lot of attention to translating his works into other languages, actively working with professional translators and poets Michael Pursglove and Hilary Shears (London). Work has begun and continues with the German translators Professor Alois Woldan (poems “Abraham and Isaak”, “Stus” and the essay “Van Gogh”) and Professor Peter Rykhlo (essays “Celan’s Code of Eternity”, “Goethe. Faust”). A large volume of the book, which contains essays from different years, was translated and will continue to be translated into English by Michael Pursglove.Korotko devoted a lot of time to negotiations with publishers, preparing for the publication of translated things, placing the electronic version of books on well-known portals (Amazon, Liters), conducted extensive correspondence, and gave interviews.We list the main major events. A book of poems and miniatures “Studio”, poems “Joseph and Jakob”, “Stus”, “The Embankment of the Dreams” have been written, all translated into English. Also prepared and translated into English thematic manuscripts “Return from Hell”, “The City of Red Brides”. Compilations of poems for translation into Chinese and Azerbaijani languages were collected. In China, publication is scheduled for March 2021, and the second collection has already been published in the “Literary Azerbaijan” newspaper.Several publications in the Ukrainian magazine “Vsesvit” are dated to the twentieth year, as well as interviews, that Alexander Korotko gave to the Internet editions of RBC-Ukraine, Gordon, the creative anthology (the latter made a number of publications).An extremely important event of the past year – translated editions of the book “Moon Boy”, which were published in England and Italy (translated into English by Michael Pursglove, into Italian – by Professor Annarita Tavani). In his letter to Alexander Korotko, the editor-in-chief of the “Vsesvit” magazine, writer, literary critic Dmitry Drozdovsky described this fact as follows: “2020 was the next stage of the Great Path: two books in the European world, two foreign-language realities, in which the “Moon Boy” found itself!”At the end of the year, another book of prose – “Bera and Cucumber”, was translated, this time for the first time into Spanish. The translator Cecilia Palma was fascinated by the Odessa flavor of the stories and novels, their literary level: “… a brilliant book, I read, translate and cannot stop myself.”Alexander Korotko recorded his poetry in a professional studio (clips are posted on the author’s website, personal pages of the YouTube and Fasebook portals). He is full of plans that he intends to carry out in the new year.And finally, in the very last days, the New Year’s poem “Will Come True” was written. Text and video versions (author’s reading) are published on the facebook page: