Yuri Bogatikov: Parting is an occasion for a meeting
7 October 2020

In the early nineties, Alexander Korotko met Yuri Bogatikov, and before the departure of the legendary artist, the symbol of a bygone era, they were united by creative and human friendship. With a difference in status and age, the relationship (not being panibratic despite the usual “Yura – Shura”) was warm and respectful. Yuri Iosifovich saw in the poetry of Alexander Korotko what he valued above all – the sincerity, freshness of the world perception, combined with the inconceivable depth, strangely enough, of not singing lyrics, and – the memory in relation to the saints for any person events, whether they concern him personally Or are historically significant, as, for example, the last war. This theme was especially dear to Bogatikov, he included in his extensive repertoire the beautiful song “The Wounded Skies” (music by Inna Pushkar, verses by Alexander Korotko), dreamed of performing one more requiem – “Babi Yar.”

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for Kiev newspaper “Bulvar”. And on the page of the video-song site listen and look:

Parting is an occasion for a meeting

 (Nikolai Svidyuk’s music, verses by Alexander Korotko, Yury Bogatikov sings).