10 days in France and Belgium

June literary decade

June 7 – 17, Paris, Brussels, Antibes.


Ten days of June dedicated to Alexander Korotko’s creative trip to Paris, Brussels and the south of France were filled with speeches, meetings with old friends and new acquaintances, fellow writers and journalists, the reading public, discussions of nearest and distant publishing plans.


June 7. Creative evening of Alexander Korotko.

 The meeting with publishers, readers and colleagues took place in the bookstore ofPublishing House “L’Harmattan” (Paris, Latin block). There were verses from the collection “The Red Frog” published by this publishing house: in the author’s reading – in Russian and reading by translators of the book Nicole Laurent-Katrice and Dmitry Chistyak – in French. The poetry caused an enthusiastic public reaction and was highly appreciated by the outstanding contemporary poet AtanasVanchev, cult journalist and writer Maxim Kant.The author of the photo report is Christian de Brosses, a journalist of the Paris Match weekly. 

June 11 – autograph-session at the Paris poetry fair.

 Scheduled at the beginning of 2018, the autograph-session of Alexander Korotko was held at the stand of thepublishing house “L’Harmattan” as part of the annual Paris Book Fair. Famous writers and people of the Old and New World art traditionally come to the Paris Fair, there are presented books and projects of leading publishing houses, make new acquaintances, business and simply human.

As confirmation, the names of those who had a live conversation: the poet and the publisher, the member of the Belgian Academy Yves Namur, the member of the Literature Academy of Quebec Louise Dupre, the chief editor of the “Poetry Journal” Philippe Mati, famous journalist Maxim Kant, the poet and the professor at the University of Nice Patrick Kier, the Berlin’s novelist Alain Jadot, the Sorbonne Slavic studies Helen Henry, the head of the M. Karem Foundation Jeannine Burney, the President of the international movement “The Poets of the World” AtanasVancev de Tracy and many others …


June 12 – one day in Brussels.

This day contained many important events: a meeting with the director of the European Literary Translation Center Professor Francoise Wilmar and a specific joint projects agreement; many hours of extremely productive conversation with the Executive Secretary of the Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium Jacques De Dacker in his residence (Prince of Orange Palace); participation in a meeting of the Belgian PEN-club, of which Alexander Korotko was taken as an honorary member by the recommendation of De Ducker.At the end – a dinner in an Italian restaurant, where they spoke again about poetry and prose, new literary projects, events of history and modern life.


June 15 – the South of France, Antibes.


At the end of the eventful European literary tour of Alexander Korotko–one more meeting with the General Secretary the Order Holder of the Legion of Honor Nicole Lemerd’Agaggio in Antibes and a reception at Grasse City Hall.

On this day, Alexander Korotko was awarded a diploma of the academician of the European Sciences, Arts and Literature Academy.

Besides business meetings – walks through the amazing beauty of the southern coast of France, impressions of which laid on the paper.