Alexander Korotko at the 1st international poetry festival in Montenegro.

Montenegro is a country of festivals. One of the central places is occupied by those that are related to art. The September Days of Culture is a series of cultural events consisting of poetry evenings, author’s meetings and theatrical performances.

The program of the 1st international poetry festival, which was held from September 25 to 30, 2018, was full of meetings at various levels: from personal, with fellow members, to warm receptions in the city halls of cities and towns of Montenegro. But the main events, of course, unfolded on large and small venues for performances – are reading poetry.

As the audience were the professional writers, the students of humanitarian disciplines and just poetry lovers. Alexander Korotko, poet, prose writer and essayist, as well as the author of the original miniature texts presented his poetry, reading it in Russian, the language of the original and in English translation by Richard McCain.

The organizing committee placed two glorious names on the festival poster: Mihai Eminescu – Peter Nyegosh, revered not only in their countries, but also widely known throughout the world. Under the aegis of high poetry, this festival was held, which brought together participants from Romania, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand …