A professor at Lodz University translated Korotko’s new poem into Polish
14 March 2024

Recently, the author published a new poem “Bach’s singing of the faces of war…” on his pages in social networks. We also published it on the website:

Professor of Lodz University  Anna Bednarchyk was inspired by the new work and translated the poem into Polish. 

It is interesting that a lexical problem appeared during the translation into Polish:

lico is an archaic word, and the Polish twarze did not fit. Therefore, it was decided to make one poetic transformation.

The result of Bednarchyk’s poetic translation:


śpiewy wojny


Nie pytaj więce

dlaczego tam

nie lata ptak.

Dlaczego ziemię

zorał strach.

Dlaczego powierta

mur zbrukała


Nawet sny

śpią w objęciach z wyciem


(Anna Bednarczyk)