About the book “The Lunar boy”- video in Italian
29 June 2020
Annarita Tavani – Doctor of Philology, Professor of English Philology at the University of Milan, author of the monograph “Institutional Discourse and Language”, actively acts as a translator of fiction, Laureate of the award in the field of literary translation “Europe in Poetry” (Como, 2016). In short time she translated into Italian the work in prose “The Lunar Boy”, which for almost two decades has been of constant interest not only to Russian-speaking readers, but also to European ones.Annarita Tavani posted on YouTube a video message to Italian readers with the impressions of the prose she translated and with the story about the writer Alexander Korotko. Video in Italian posted on the website: The book was published in Italy with the assistance and participation of the Director of the Poetry House in Como, the Director of the Europe Art Festival in Versi, academician Laura Garavaglia; popularizer of modern achievements in the field of culture Stefano Donno and Dmitry Chistyak, litterateur and professor at the National Shevchenko University (Kiev).On the main page fragments of the text “The Lunar Boy” in Russian are published.One of the fragments (in Russian and Italian) is available on the website, on the page Translations: