Abraham and Isaac

Part 4

Blind faith. Yes, blind. In vain the silence complains. The gates of
Paradise are wide-open. The back pains ruthlessly. One more moment, and  Abraham 
will drop the knife not in the heart of his son.

– Whose idea is it?
– Yours, Abraham.
– Please, my King… – and he trailed off and it blurted out – I will not give him to you!

And the whole Abraham’s life flashed in this earnest speech. And the human weakness,

father’s unbridled passion eclipsed his soul. But it was only a moment, the flight of the

universal mystery from expectation to impatience, into that year, which didn’t  break the

move of  God’s achievements. And somewhere nearby the lamb struggled, and the angel

stopped the knife. He came, no, He was seen in a dream, squatted childishly down. 

– Abraham!
– Here I am.

– All in the past. Bring the sacrifice and come back home. And present yourself

to the world, let everyone know that I am with you. At this bitter frontal place, on the top

of the spirit, of the celebration, where you didn’t spare your son in the name of faith,

where you understood – this land is not for those who lose their heart, and all your rights

to son, your first child, your favorite, gave to the Creator, to the Architect, and was able

to be born again, and led to the crown not only the soul’s your son, but all the people,

which, believe me, Abraham, for a hundred years ahead I will multiply and will tie myself

with an eternal vow, as you had tied your son with love.

There will be a lot of you. You’ll shine like stars, along the milky way. And the idea that

ran like a gray mouse in your tormented consciousness, doesn’t count. I’m sorry, I see

all your sufferings without exception. How dare you to assume that you didn’t fulfill your

duty to the end, Abraham, an adherent of faith! And your feelings of a father only for

a moment won. You fully demonstrated your commitment to the covenant, and you got

the hump in vain. Oh, if it wasn’t so, believe me, I would call you to account.