Alexander Korotko – on the birthday of Bogdan Stupka
27 August 2019
Three years ago, when Alexander Korotko first published his poem on the Facebook page dedicated to Bogdan Silvestrovich Stupka on his birthday on August 27, one of the visitors to the poet’s page, Lyudmila Novik, wrote thanks to Alexander Korotko for the memory, completing the message with these words: “Oh It’s impossible to speak about Bogdan Stupka only as one of the most talented actors of world cinema … This Human is a monolith created by God, made of an immortal and very pure soul, education, patriotism and unconditional love for his Motherland… What had only his lively and penetrating eyes, eyes of the wise and very strong  man… ”
  1. Stupka has so many headings, titles, awards that they would be more than enough for dozens of colleagues in the profession, but Bogdan Silvestrovich was completely devoid of “stardom”, on the contrary, he was shrouded in national love. He was intelligent and delicate, but at the right time he could use his charisma, because he was for the truth – both in life and in art.
The paths of Stupka and Korotko intersected from time to time, both of them treated each other with respectful warmth, appreciating creative forces and time. Joint projects were planned more than once: Stupka was going to read and write poems of the poet in translations into Ukrainian, and once he gathered the directors and actors of his theater to listen to Alexander Korotko’s play “Avraam and Yitzhak” in the author’s reading. It was an unforgettable event for everyone. Unfortunately, illness and untimely care prevented to carry out the plan, but the good memory of Bogdan Silvestrovich is alive.   In 2016, Alexander Korotko wrote and published the poem “Bogdan Stupka”, and on the eve of today’s date, an essay of the same name appeared. The essay has been translated into Ukrainian and both versions are available on the main page. And the poem “Bogdan Stupka” is also published in two languages: