Alexander’s Korotko poems in new translations
17 July 2019
Facebook for a huge number of people is a means of communication, information exchange. For Alexander Short, first of all, it is a platform for presentation of his work, a great opportunity to post in the morning what was written at night, and, if necessary, to edit. The age of speed provides such an opportunity. Sometimes the author has a desire to return to the past, and then on the appears ancient, which was written even in the last century, but, surprisingly, has not lost the novelty and literary “freshness”, because the handwriting of the real poet remains unchanged. And readers or visitors to the author’s page, are grateful for the chance to get acquainted with the timely poetry and prose of Alexander Short, as they say in their comments”Running” through publications (posts), you can not only make sure that the poet has a lot of sincere fans, but also see subtle, accurate, sometimes professional reviews. . Some people have a desire to share what they have read with their loved ones, then virtual letters- reposts “fly”, and those who speak other languages ​translate them. And it is not a self-realization or a way to stand out, but a movement of the soul, such an unexpected compliment to the author. On the main page of the site today you can see two poems with translations from the latest publications on Facebook.